Medical Cadet Corps Readying Response

With Hurricane Dorian bearing down on the southeastern United States, Medical Cadet Corps (MCC) units are preparing to respond with assistance as needed.

“We are currently organizing our response for the expected needs that will follow this storm,” says MCC Lt. General Dionisio Olivo, Atlantic Union Conference Corps Commander. “Our cadets and officers are trained to provide spiritual comfort or “Spiritual First Aid,” and other services such as first aid, relief, rescue, humanitarian aid in times of emergency and disaster, as well as logistical support. We will coordinate our efforts with other emergency management agencies.”

The Medical Cadet Corps operates under the umbrella of the World Service Organization and serves local communities in times of peace, during national emergencies, and in disaster response.

Once Hurricane Dorian makes landfall, MCC cadets will be deployed to regions where they are most needed.

Ongoing reports of the response will be posted here and in other media outlets. Lt. General Olivo is the MCC Commander for the Hurricane Dorian MCC’s relief operation response. He has longtime experience in MCC operations and led several disaster relief operations as the MCC commander for the Dominican Republic, among other commands.

MCC’s Units ready to assist should contact Commander Olivo’s office at the Atlantic Union Conference. Commander Olivo’s email is [email protected].

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