• Inform your pastor of your notice to report to the military and the date you are to begin serving
  • Ask members of your home church to pray for you
  • Tell the authorities about your faith convictions and ask for accommodation or consideration of your faith practices
  • Enter the military with a positive spirit.  Many Adventists have served honorably, been promoted and earned awards without sacrificing their integrity.  They “survived” their military experience and so can you.  In fact, many left a credible and positive impression on their peers and leaders.  It is possible to be a faithful Adventist in military service without compromising principle
  • As soon as possible after induction into the military, send the local conference and your home church your contact information
  • If your nation’s military has chaplains, meet with them and express your willingness to support their chapel religious program.  Also share your religious requirements and ask for their support
  • During basic training you will more than likely be required to train on Sabbaths and with a weapon.  There are few options in most militaries.  If you refuse to train, be prepared to face serious consequences, but also know that regardless of what is done, the Lord will be with you in your test of faith.
  • Be good citizens and neighbors.
  • Know the laws of your nation related to military and public service.  Comply with them to the best of your understanding and ability, insofar as conscience permits.
  • Commit yourself to being faithful to your beliefs and being the best possible witness.
  • Stay in contact with your home church, pastor and Adventist military chaplains.
  • Support Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries offerings; be faithful stewards.